Thursday, March 15, 2012

A visit from the Math Science Innovation Center

On Wednesday the Math Science Innovation Center visited for a lesson.  We got to investigate the power of the wind with the help of Curious George and use this renewable energy source to power a vehicle. In this lesson, students will predict how different materials and shapes catch the wind as sails and use the design process to build and test the sails of their own wind-powered vehicles.

These students' cars went 50 inches or more!  We looked at their sails to see if they had anything in common.

Career Day at Hopkins!

Today we had the Chesterfield County Public Schools Web Developer/Artist, the Costume Shop Manager from Richmond Ballet, the Richmond Police Deputy Chief, and Bellwood Federal Credit Union join us for Career Day.  We also dressed up like what we want to be when we grow up.  Be on the lookout for our Career Day photo story narrated by us!

A Lawyer and an FBI Agent

Mr. Cheatham shows us the website he developed...our very own CCPS!

Mr. Cheatham studied art.

Richmond City Police Chief Deputy

Ellwood from Bellwood Federal Credit Union

Costume Shop Manager from the Richmond Ballet.  This is an outfit they made for the Snow King in the Nutcracker.

The costumes start as drawings.

The Snow Queen's costume.

Swan Costume

White and Black Swan Tiaras

Pointe Shoes

Friday of Dr. Seuss Week...Hat/Crazy Hair Day

Guess who!?