Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today was "Ee" Day!

We celebrated the letter E by changing classrooms and completing different E activities! It was fun for the kids to travel to different classrooms and experience different teachers while learning about the letter E!

In Mrs. Edwards' class the students practiced measuring by using a balance. The kids estimated how many cubes each elephant weighed. Then, they got to check! They also participated in an egg relay and enjoyed a snack of Eggos!


In my classroom, we cooked! We made yummy Elephant Ears! We also played a fun game to review sight words!

In Mrs. Urban's classroom the kids heard a story about one of my favorite Dr. Seuss Characters: Horton the Elephant. The kids also practiced fine motor skills by coloring, cutting, and assembling an adorable elephant headband!

Mrs. Wilson played a math game in her classroom. The student rolled a die and put that many peanuts on their elephant game board. The person who filled their board up first won!

It was a very fun day in kindergarten!

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