Monday, May 2, 2011

Preparing for DRA testing! What to expect...

Today we read the book Rosie's Walk.  The kids illustrated their own book and made two stick puppets: a hen and a fox.  We read the our books and used the puppets to practice prepositional words (over, under, through, around, etc.) 
Please have your child retell the story to you tonight without the use of the book.  We will begin DRA (reading) assessments next week. 
They will be doing a picture walk, reading a book, retelling the book, and answering questions (What is your favorite part of this book?  What does this book remind you of?  Can you make any connections to this book?).  Using Rosie's walk will be good practice!  You can also use any picture book at home!
When we retell stories it is important to:  
  • begin the story i.e. Once upon a time. One day, In the  summer etc…
  • tell where the story is happening, in the woods, at the beach, on a farm etc…  
  • name the characters try to limit the use of he, she etc…  
  • include all important details
  • end the story by telling how the problem was solved

 Thank you for all you do to help your student at home!

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