Monday, October 1, 2012

Making Connections

The first strategy that our class is currently practicing is called, “Making Connections.” This means students connect their background knowledge to the text they are reading. We have been practicing making text-self  and text-text connections. We will work this week on text-world connections. 

The Purpose of the Strategy:

Readers comprehend better when they actively think about and apply their knowledge of the book's topic, their own experiences, and the world around them. Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis in their
book, Strategies that Work (2000), state that, "When children understand how to connect the text they read to their lives, they begin to make connections between what they read and the larger world. This
nudges them into thinking about bigger, more expansive issues beyond their universe of home, school, and neighborhood."

How to help your child use this strategy:

To help your child make connections while they are reading, ask him/her the following questions:
􀁸 What does the book remind you of?

􀁸 What do you know about the book's topic?

􀁸 Does this book remind you of another book?

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